بيروت  Beirut

hey guys

i know i’m neglecting this baby but i’ve finished school for the summer and I guess I’ll be updating more! 


 ! ويرجعلي حُبي , صبــاح ومســــا 


do you know in lebanon a woman is not allowed to pass on her nationality to her children

also did you know in lebanon it is legal to rape your wife

also did you know that in lebanon, if a woman is raped by someone who is not her husband, the rapist has the right to offer marriage to the victim and HIS CRIME ISN’T COUNTED????

did you know this makes me vERY ANGRY THAT I LIVE IN A PLACE LIKE THIS? 

cause in lebanon you dont just worry about getting raped and no one finding out about it. you worry about getting raped and everyone knowing who did it AND BELIEVING YOU and STILL nothing would be done about it.



oh, childhood

نزار قباني


Umm Kulthoum! This reminds me that I need to go to the Umm Kulthoum museum soon. Yes there is an Umm Kulthoum museum in Cairo! They have her old dresses and accessories.